econocrash: bombs, bailouts, banksters & biden

how did america fall so fast?*
how did america fall so fast?billionaire, executives charged with insider trading; including intel & ibm*
cali bank becomes 99th in US to be shut in 2009*
canadian dollar climbs toward parity with dollar; 14-month high*
russia & iran now officially talking of dumping dollar for intl trade*
nytimes to cut 100 newsroom jobs*
22 reasons why this recession is different & why it will endure*
bombs & bailouts: how the US ‘pissed away’ $14t*
victims of foreclosure check in to shelters*
video: biden says ‘this is a depression’, not a recession*
goldman exec named first coo of sec enforcement*
video: max keiser on jpmorgan & goldman fraud*

10/22 updates:
obama plans to slash pay of executives at 7 bailed-out companies*
dollar hits 14-month low against the euro*
deserted shopping mall in okc a bleak symbol of fed bailout*

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