Elenin = 11-9

Elenin = 11-9The Comet Elenin mystery continues to be a story that keeps on giving! A swirling controversy and veritable cottage industry has grown from the name, Elenin. It’s suggested ELENIN is an acronym that stands for Extinction Level Event Notable Impact Nemesis (ELENIN). A recent CNN article, Comet ELENIN, Earthquakes and You,” adds to the bizarre festival flavor of the spectacle, “Nov 9, 2011 the earth will supposedly cross the threshold of the debris tail of ELENIN on the same plain (assuming ELENIN is a real object that would be catastrophic).” The article recaps aspects such as the NASA warning to employees and underground bases at Denver International Airport. The recap is comprehensive yet seems odd due to the source? It’s surfaced elsewhere that Elenin is code for 11-9, when Earth will be passing through the comet’s tail. The date has also been chosen by FEMA to take over all broadcast facilities in an emergency test . For the conspiracy minded, illuminati number games invert it to read 9-11, which is the date Comet Elenin is closest to the Sun! Is it the case the truth is out there if only you have the eyes to see?

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