Alabama Lab ‘Lost’ Key Evidence In Praying Mom’s Case

from ap: When Kay Burdette’s 17-year-old son became sick with flu-like symptoms, the faithful mother chose the same prescription she has used for years: prayer. This time, though, her son Jesse did not recover and Burdette was charged with manslaughter… Prosecutors initially decided to seek a felony charge that carried a sentence of two to 20 years in prison. Then, Dr. Stephen Boudreau, a medical examiner in the case, informed a prosecutor that the state laboratory couldn’t find the tissue sample, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press… “I’ve been trying to go through the slide files to try and find the mislabeled slide, but there are hundreds in each year, and it could be anywhere. What a mess!” Boudreau wrote in an email to a Lee County prosecutor. There were other problems, too. An investigator had been deployed to Iraq and couldn’t testify, and a conviction of a devout Christian mother would be difficult to win in the Bible Belt.

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