Fracking study finds combustible levels of methane in water after EPA gave the all clear

from A report has found contaminated drinking water in parts of Texas,
infuriating residents who had pressured the EPA to test for methane only
to see the agency back off when the company allegedly responsible
claimed that its own tests proved otherwise.

Steve Lipsky, a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, complained to the
Environmental Protection Agency that his family’s water seemed to
be bubbling in a way that made it appear similar to a glass of
The EPA issued an emergency order and immediately
began investigating in December of 2010, warning at least two
families that their water supply may be contaminated with
flammable methane. 

The EPA dropped its investigation, rescinding its emergency
order, and then refused to explain its reasoning. Documents later
obtained by the Associated Press revealed that the EPA did indeed
have evidence against Range Resources, which operated a drill
near Lipsky’s home, but decided to drop its investigation when
company executives threatened to pull Range Resources out of a
national study into hydraulic fracking.

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