‘Superbug’ malaria mosquitoes becoming resistant to insecticides

from naturalnews.com: The unmitigated spread of malaria in many parts of the world is very serious, particularly throughout Africa where more than half a million individuals, many of whom are young children, reportedly die every year from infection. But insecticide-laced mosquito nets, aerial sprayings, and other chemical-based intervention methods have literally spawned an entirely new breed of superbug mosquitoes that no longer respond to these so-called solutions. A study published last year, for instance, found that in one area of Senegal, a country on Africa’s western coast, superbug malaria-mosquitoes emerged almost immediately after bed-nets treated with deltamethrin, a pyrethroid insecticide, were introduced there. Pyrethroids have been the insecticides of choice for most health agencies, and yet they are now being shown to be a complete failure.

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