in a flu pandemic, what can the government do to you?

what the flu lets the feds do to you:
download the pandemic influenza plan [5.7mb PDF]
in a flu pandemic, what can the government do to you?from abcnews: What might life be like during the kind of major swine flu pandemic predicted by the White House to hit the U.S. this fall? The worst-case scenarios percolate on the edges of thought: bans on public gatherings, restricting the movement of afflicted individuals, and compelled vaccinations. Conspiracy theorists go farther, suggesting that the World Health Organization is behind a secret plan to inoculate Americans at gunpoint with immune-system depleting vaccines to depopulate the globe. The CDC’s report, released Monday, may well create some level of hysteria. It said 1.8 million Americans could become seriously ill this fall and as many as 90,000 could die… As to the fears about a WHO conspiracy, Nuzzo adds: “The WHO staff is smaller than the New York City Health Department, so its ability to impose worldwide martial law would be a miracle.”

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