In Search Of The Great Beast 666 – Aleister Crowley

A two hour 2007 documentary, In Search of the Great Beast 666,” introduces viewers to life of occultist Aleister Crowley, founder of Thelema, a spiritual philosophy. A website for video informs: “Aleister Crowley, self proclaimed “The Great Beast” and known by the press as “The Wickedest Man in the World”, was perhaps the most controversial and notorious individuals in British History. This dramatically reconstructed film unearths the barely believable and shocking facts surrounding a man who was voted in a BBC poll to be one of the most influential Britons of all time. Was he related to US President George Bush? How was he connected to the founder of Scientology, NASA, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jack the Ripper, Winston Churchill, Ian Fleming and how did this Occultist, Spy, Poet, Writer and accomplished Mountaineer come to know and influence so many other remarkable people?” A well-done documentary provides easy-to-watch intro to life of Aleister Crowley. Viewers forewarned subject matter can be at times graphic.

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