‘Iron Sky’ Sneak Preview and Remix Released

Fans may take in the first four minutes of ‘Iron Sky’, Space Nazi Invasion Movie, while waiting for the American release. Will ‘Iron Sky‘ spark a craze similar to the Trekkies phenomenon? Fans can also hear an extended remix version of the movie’s theme song, ‘Under the Iron Sky’, on YouTube. ‘Iron Sky’ will premiere in Berlin on April 4, but will everyday Germans be able to embrace a Nazi movie? A recent Time magazine article asks: Are Germans Ready to Laugh at a Film About Nazis from Space? Good Question. While film festival screenings sold out in Berlin and Oslo, but according to article, “…the critical response to Iron Sky was decidedly mixed. ‘The effects were great, but the jokes were bad,’ says Berlin-based director Jörg Buttgereit, maker of the movie ‘Captain Berlin vs. Hitler’, a low-budget horror film in which Hitler’s preserved brain does battle with a comic-book-inspired hero.” An independent movie from Finland, directed by Timo Vuorensola, may not be without its flaws, but it does appear highly entertaining – if first four minutes are any indication! Can’t wait to see Sara Palin look-alike Stephanie Paul put down a Nazi invasion from the dark side of the moon–it’s great political satire, if not outright humor!

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