JFK and UFOs: Alien Psyop

JFK and UFOs: Alien PsyopA Daily Mail article reports on JFK memo obtained by a writer through the Freedom of Information Act(FOIA). The article implies UFOs may have been a motive in the President’s assassination? It’s more likely articles with unusual slants are floated in the media as a means of forming expectations, i.e., predictive programming. Is it Project Blue Beam?Are these stories more effective in shaping expectations when they come in clusters? A spate of similar articles with an alien theme surfaced in the media just a few months ago. Are they disinformation with an intent to pour a subconscious foundation to shape opinion and what to expect? Everyone will be mentally prepared and no one will be surprised when aliens make their presence known to us! Are they bogus documents? Yes, many questions asked with few answers. The present writer wouldn’t be surprised, however, if aliens made their presence known and declare their mission to save us from ruining our planet!

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