Jimmy “So Vile” Savile: Disgraced British TV Icon

Vigilant Citizen (VC) tees off on British TV icon – a cultural institution since the mid- sixties in article, Jimmy Savile: A Prime Example of an Entertainment Industry Abuser Protected by the Elite.” VC summarizes recognition bestowed upon presenter over the decades, “…Savile…who hosted popular shows like Jim’ll Fix It and Top of the Pops. His decades of presence in pop culture has led him to obtain an incredible amount of “elite” recognition such as Officer of the Order of the British Empire, Cross of Merit of the Order and Freeman of the Borough of Scarborough. He was also knighted by the Queen herself (God save her) “for charitable services” and obtained Papal knighthood from Jean-Paul II, making him a Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great.” A recent ITV documentary, ‘Exposure’ brought scandal to wider audience, former detective Mark Williams-Thomas recounts allegations made during investigation that Sir Jimmy Savile repeatedly sexually abused teenage girls!

In a concession to Savile, the era was known as a time of “sexual revolution” and “free love” before AIDS arrived on the scene to cool people off! Savile appears clearly, on the other hand, what would commonly be termed “a pig,” a middle-aged man preying on teenage girls! You may wonder how could it happen? VC clues readers in on blunt reality that some people are above the law:

“How can such a man enjoy so much immunity and protection? And why did he obtain all of these impressive ‘titles’? The answer is simple yet awful: He was part of the establishment. He had friends within the elite. He was part of its perverse entertainment industry that is filled with manipulative pedophiles such as himself. He was part of this clique that is above the law. Is it surprising that all of these allegation only surfaced after his death? No, his ‘friends’ protected him while he was alive and he has never suffered any consequences for his actions. How many other Jimmy Saviles are there in the entertainment industry? Insiders will tell you that it is literally crawling with them. And it goes a lot further than abuse at the backstage of a show. It is an organized system complete with mind controlled slaves, trained handlers and high level officials.”

VC describes the British TV icon as “Jimmy So Vile” and can only agree! The recent documentary borders on vile as middle-aged women recount their victimization decades earlier in graphic terms! Pedophilia represents an institution – a perk – of those in powerful positions, who network with similar degenerates. We must expose perpetrators to make the cost too high for them to continue preying on underage victims!

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