Kim Dotcom offers $5 million ‘bounty’ to whistleblowers in online piracy case

from Internet mogul Kim Dotcom said
Monday he was offering a US$5 million “bounty” to whistleblowers for
information to help fight an online piracy case brought (against him) by the United
The Megaupload founder, who
is resisting extradition from New Zealand, said he had to resort to
offering the money because the deck was stacked against him in one of
the largest copyright infringement cases ever brought. “My case is unfair,” the
German national tweeted. “I was declined discovery, I didn’t get my own
data back, I need whistleblowers I am offering USD $5M.” Dotcom, whose Megaupload
empire was shut down in January 2012, has long argued that US
authorities, aided by close ally Wellington, illegally targeted him at
the behest of Hollywood studios.

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