Loki, Hermes, Puck, or…Q: An opinion piece by Zach Bosart

from http://5thaeon.com/2012/01/09/loki-hermes-puck-and-q-or-how-god-serves-a-purpose-though-hes-dangerous-and-really-annoying-at-times/:

( This is a compilation of excerpts from the main article.)
“Does that bother anyone here? The idea that GOD might be fucking with our heads?” God: “We’ll see who believes in me now! Ha-ha, I’m a prankster God! I am killing me!” Jesus: “They missed the whole point dad, let me bury dinosaur fossils with you. Let’s just fuck with them.” -Bill Hicks
A trickster is usually a character in mythology who delights in leading astray or confusing those of sufficiently less intellect than him (or her) self for no other reason than to watch them squirm in the uncomfortable moment when they begin to question their preconceived notions of reality, delighting that this interaction shall ultimately lead the hapless fool to learn something profound and complete whatever journey they were on.
A trickster is usually a character that does not act within the more commonly held rules and regulation. It is in this way that the trickster character is able to enact a great change in the plot of a story by influencing major characters into behaving in a certain way, so that all parties are satisfied in the end result. Sometimes, when all parties are not satisfied, the trickster is punished extremely though it’s aims are still moderately successful.
Another “tool of the trade” is in convincing people that they are their own worst enemy. The trickster will try to blame you at every turn, but will take it further in getting you to blame yourself. I suspect this was the initial inspiration for the “Joker” likeness painted over Obama’s face in various posters on the west and east coasts during 2009, as the sentiment was one of self-blame of the species for the sake of a “Green” environmentalist movement that resembled eugenics than it did love and hope and respect.
There are no political solutions, only magical and technological ones. The rest is just a trick. A magic trick, but a trick all the same. Performed by a trickster, with all the suave personality of a devil who convinces you that he is your friend. So it is with a certain ease that I feel I can safely make the statement on my behalf, that there are no political solutions, only magical ones. Granted, from a slightly jilted and ‘insane’ point of view.
Instead of gathering money for court fees and lawyers and paying your work staff for their time (an archaic practice if there ever was one), gather money to feed and transport people to Washington DC in massive numbers. And I mean Massive Numbers. Capital “M” and “N”. I’m talking about tens, if not hundreds of millions.
Then it’s quite simple. A silent demonstration. No one speak, no sound. All holding up signs that say very simply,
We are the American People, and we DO NOT approve.”
(This is a compilation of excerpts from the main article.)

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