London 2012 Olympics Closing Montage (Imagine)

What would John Lennon think? Lennon was a great believer in sharing and living in peace, but I doubt in his song Imagine,” no countries meant giving up sovereignty for governance by a global elite? Or, Lennon would agree no possessions meant forfeit- ing all material belongings to a privileged few?  People living cradle to grave with only a modicum of personal wealth and possessions, possibly, their bottom line carried on a chip under their skin?  Mind Control programming is only explanation for closing ceremony at the Olympics!  It’s cool to have absolutely zero (so global elite can divvy it up)!  First, John Lennon was likely gunned down, because he was viewed as a threat!  Now, the global elite, who Lennon so opposed during his life, co-opt his song so “the world will live as one” on a global plantation – don’t Imagine!

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