‘Madman And The Cathedral’

Don Justo, short for Justo Gallego Martinez, has been on a mission, since 1963, building a cathedral in a small town just outside Madrid, Spain.  Martinez, a pious man, contracted tuberculosis in 1961 and had to leave a monastery where he spent eight years of life.  “He began to build a cathedral on a plot of land he had inherited from
his parents. He had promised that if he recovered from the tuberculosis
which had struck him down, he would build a shrine in honour of the Lady of the Pillar, to whom he had prayed,”
informs WikipediaThe Daily Galaxy article, EcoAlert:  Spain’s Stunning Cathedral of Trash,” doesn’t perhaps, pay due respect to the devoted Martinez, who spent majority of his life in a homage to his savior!  The cathedral (picture) lacks any building permissions by local authorities or blessings of the church.  Martinez’s mission represents a pure act of selfless faith!  Hats off to Don Justo, who has it right in video below: Everyone can do amazing things!”  Madman And The Cathedral,” a 20 minute documentary, is available below fold.

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