michael moore: 9/11 could be inside job

michael moore: 9/11 could be inside jobfrom jones report: Academy Award winner Michael Moore answered questions on 9/11 truth during a sneak peak of his new documentary, SiCKO, in New York . Our reporters were initially avoided by Moore, but he subsequently decided to approach We Are Change & Infowars reporters for a discussion.

Moore brought up his lingering questions on 9/11, which are a clear departure from the 'government negligence' picture he painted in his film Fahrenheit 9/11, released some three years ago.

Moore told reporters, "I've had a number of firefighters tell me over the years and since Fahrenheit 9/11 that they heard these explosions-- that they believe there's MUCH more to the story than we've been told. I don't think the official investigations have told us the complete truth-- they haven't even told us half the truth."

Michael Moore brought up the blackout of video at the site of the alleged Pentagon plane crash on his own, appearing quite willing to discuss subjects that so-called left gatekeepers have previously refused to raise questions about.

"I've filmed there before down at the Pentagon-- before 9/11-- there's got to be at least 100 cameras, ringing that building, in the trees, everywhere. They've got that plane coming in with 100 angles. How come with haven't seen the straight-- I'm not talking about stop-action photos, I'm talking about the video. I want to see the video; I want to see 100 videos that exist of this," Moore said.

He went on to imply the implausibility of a pilot executing the flight pattern of the flight that allegedly hit the Pentagon.

"Why don't they want us to see that plane coming into the building? Because, if you know anything about flying a plane, when you're going 500 miles per hour, if you're off by that much, you're in the river. So, they hit a building that's only 5 stories high...[unclear] that expertly. I believe that there will be answers in that video tape and we should demand that that tape is released."

Michael Moore was not vague or bashful in discussing 9/11 truth-- rather, he demanded a "new investigation before we get too far away from this-- to find out the whole truth."

"And I intend, in my own way, to find some answers," Moore added. "Thank you for doing whatever you're doing."

Amy Goodman, who was also at the premiere, cowered from a question that brought up the fact that she witnessed WTC Building 7 collapse-- she was seen on video during news coverage of the apparent demolition. She declined even a brief response, stating that an interview was about to begin.

Moore's most recent comments on 9/11 are a far cry from statements he made to Alex Jones during the 2004 RNC convention when he told Jones, tongue-in-cheek, that he didn't report on NORAD standing down because "it would be un-American."

This is a huge development in public figures going public with 9/11 questions-- particularly on the part of 'liberals' and others who identify with the 'left.' Despite overwhelming discontent with the Bush Administration, many such voices dismiss the importance of investigating 9/11 or simply decline to discuss any outstanding questions or relevant evidence. Noam Chomsky, for one, suggested that it "wouldn't matter" even if 9/11 had been hatched from a government plot.

Will the mainstream media continue to ignore the fact that the official story on 9/11 is all but dead as more and more figures are coming forth to demand the truth?

  1. Anonymous

    June 21, 2007

    One problem with the self-titled ‘truth-movement’ blog culture is that it is willing to indulge in mean spirited attacks in the form of name-calling; which is indicative of the narrow-right. This practice of pointing the finger at anyone who does not share the view that 9/11 is a conspiracy and branding them “gatekeepers” is absurd, immature, and only furthers the claims of those outside of the conspiracy blog culture that bloggers are emotionally arrested. Sure, underground cultures invariably develop their own language system but it seems that to disagree with the so-called ‘truth movement’ is tantamount to an Iraqi citizen speaking ill of Saddam during his regime. Now thats irony. This name calling and total paranoia is evidence of a non-rational thought process which will make it impossible for those who perform actual(read: non-internet)research into these claims to ever find real answers; as those who may hold information will be too frigtened by the radical political climate to offer their insight. Seek answers but remain calm and intelligent. Otherwise, the movement will be consumed with pettiness and other irrational behaviorisms. Be careful not to inadvertenly spread hate, which is what happens when name-calling is used to define a class of people. Go easy,


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