Episode269 – Mind Games

Episode269 - Mind Games

"We're playing those mind games together, pushing the barriers, planting seeds" on Media Monarchy: Episode269 - Mind Games w/ Movie Mind Control, Comedy Killers and the "Hunter Gets Captured By The Game" Newspurge + Fluoride, Fraud and Pharma Guns on Food World Order - Curiosity, Cold Fusion and Epic Hacks in Cyber/SpaceWar - Shooters, Sacrifice and Sikh Psyops on Holy Hexes + Seeds of Sound by John Lennon, The Marvelettes, Massive Attack, Mark Snow, Arctic Monkeys and much, much more...

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  1. Anonymous

    August 15, 2012

    Fuck yes.
    super enjoyed the shatner outta this.
    thanks guys keep it up

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