obamessiah brings koolaid to thirsty portland masses

obamessiah brings koolaid to thirsty portland masses70,000+ in downtown portland for obama’s visit

but, are these examples of the kind of ‘change’ you want?

from the oregonian: A word to the wise: Barack Obama is on the move. If you’re heading west toward Portland this afternoon, keep your eyes peeled. An ominous black bus, flanked by more than 25 police motorcycles, is headed for Waterfront Park… Rumor has it that Portland rockers The Decemberists will be performing live at Obama’s 2:30 appearance. The event is being held at Southwest Columbia Street and Naito Parkway.

from salem news: The Democratic race for the White House is getting just as hot as the temperatures in Oregon. In 90-plus degree heat, Sen. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, stopped their Oregon campaign swing yesterday… looking to secure the state’s 52 pledged delegates, and pull the plug Tuesday on the Clinton Campaign, which most believe is on life-support.

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