Office of Naval Intelligence: How to Resist Social Mind Control

Office of Naval Intelligence: How to Resist Social Mind Controlfrom In 1979, the Office of Naval Research at Stanford University, CA, released a document describing how to resist social influence and social mind control.

The thesis of the essay, which was written by Susan Andersen and Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University, is that a sort of mind control exists in the mostmundane aspects of experience”. Because of this, it is possible to reduce “unwanted coercive control” by “increasing our vigilance and learning to utilize certain basic strategies of analysis”.

The authors of the paper refer to these strategies as resistance strategies, which can be broadly applied to the many mind-manipulation attempts that human beings are subjected to daily.

As intelligent, independent, thoughtful and educated human beings, it may be hard to believe that you are easily influenced, manipulated and vulnerable to these mind control experiences. However, the Office of Naval Research paper asserts that “mind control” is actually practised on a daily basis in the most mundane situations.

Download PDF: ‘On resisting social influence

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