oregon ends faith healing defense for parents

oregon ends faith healing defense for parentsfrom examiner: Thursday the Oregon House or Representatives voted to end legal protection for parents who choose faith healing over modern medicine to treat their sick child. The vote was unanimous, and fills a legislative loop hole used by some Christian extremists to deny their children appropriate health care in the name of religion. The bill, drafted by State Representatives Carolyn Tomei and Dave Hunt, revokes legal protections for parents who deny medical treatment to their children on religious grounds. The bill can be understood as a direct response to the Followers of Christ Church located in Oregon City. The church is notorious for members allowing their sick children to suffer and even die rather than seek medical attention. The church preaches a religion based in faith-healing, a religion that rejects modern medicine in favor of prayer and the anointing of the sick with oil.

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  1. Terraphim Avatar

    On one hand, I appreciate that these folk are being held responsible for their misguided attempt to rely on their religion to save children, the people who have no legal rights save those their parents choose to employ.
    However this still seems a slippery slope for the state dealing with matters of faith. On one hand, if the parents refuse to save their child from preventable dis-eases, the state can intervene on the child's behalf, which I applaud.
    However, does this mean that eventually the state may intervene when someone chooses faith based healing for themselves?
    The mind's involvement with potential healing of the self is still a very untested subject in science, which is why placebos are such an interesting testing ground.
    I am wary, though grateful for this particular instance.

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