outside the box #129

here is the latest episode of “outside the box,” hosted by alex ansary.
it was originally broadcast by portland community media on november 18, 2007.

from alex ansary: Alex reports his usual ‘special blend’ of news which includes: Plans for 7 countries to ditch the dollar, H.R. 1585 and H.R. 1955, a Reuters report documenting a government led UFO inquiry, and much more. Later the show features an interview with survivalist Cody Lundin, author of ‘When all Breaks Loose: Things You Need to Survive when Disaster Breaks Out.’ We discussed a variety of things not mentioned in your average sterile FEMA handout or boy scout manual.

and here’s the latest episode of “outside the box” on we the people radio network from november 17, 2007. stream: m3u & ram or download: hour1 & hour2

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