peter dale scott: deep events & dark forces

peter dale scott: deep events & dark forces

Peter Dale Scott makes argument in recent article the JFK assassination, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11 are Deep Events, i.e., not fully understood that enabled further repression of America in a top-down fashion at the expense of democracy. Scott finds common denominator in Pentagon's own Doomsday Project and Continuity of Government, providing shadow network meant to keep government up and running in times of crisis, but likely supplied communications for attacks on democracy! The article traces this thread back to 1963 in Dallas, where "...Jack Crichton, head of the 488th Army Intelligence Reserve unit of Dallas, was part of it in his capacity as chief of intelligence for Dallas Civil Defense, which worked out of an underground Emergency Operating Center [OEP]." Scott makes key observation, "...I believe that the alternative communications network housed first in the OEP ... played a significant role in at least three of them: the JFK assassination, Iran-Contra, and 9/11."

Next, Peter Dale Scott examines Andre Brevik and the Norway bombing as a possible Deep Event. Brevik came equipped with his own press kit, e.g., video and manifesto, which clearly seems to place bombing and massacre in category of an orchestrated Deep Event. Scott is of the opinion destabilization of countries, in general, leads to new business. Chaos, in other words, is good for business and frequently planned.

An illustrator of intrigue in high places, Scott makes a surprising concession, "...I give reasons, not easily summarized, for suspecting that for the ultimate source of such deep events we should look beyond the parastatal structures of nations (including the CIA) to a more unstructured and paranational deep force or dark force, or forces, colluding with, and sometimes perhaps manipulating, these parastatal structures." The present writer wonders if dark forces refers only to shadowy criminal forces or evil in spirit? Is there a difference?

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