Petraeus Coup A Clash Of Cultures: CIA Vs Military

Petraeus Coup A Clash Of Cultures: CIA Vs MilitaryA highly recommended hour of Alex Jones, Dr. Steve Pieczenik described, last Tuesday (Nov 13 hour 2), real reasons behind resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus. Jones and Pieczenik don’t waste time discarding cover story propagated by mainstream media of an extramarital affair with biographer Paula Broadwell as cause of Petraeus’ departure. Dr Pieczenik portrayed a broad clash of cultures with military frustrated by amateurish CIA running government (note: President Obama comes from CIA background with mother a CIA asset, and suspicions, Obama also involved with agency in the eighties). Pieczenik, states clearly, military backed down and will pay dearly, which seems case as upwards of 20 officers separated from service. Webster Tarpley provides further insight into shadow networks embedded in government, labelling this a removal of Petraeus Neocon Network from power on World Crisis Radio: hour 1 and hour 2. Tarpley labels this a “Coup and counter Coup” in similar action to thirties Nazi purge in Night of the Long Knives.” These are secret agendas perpetrated by shadow networks, as the public remains largely unaware of clandestine world unfolding before their very eyes!

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