plame to appeal dismissal of suit in cia case

from npr: Lawyers for CIA operative Valerie Plame say they plan to appeal a judge’s decision dismissing Plame’s lawsuit against Vice President Cheney and other current and former Bush administration officials.

Plame claimed they leaked her covert CIA status in retribution for her husband’s public criticism of the administration.

In 2003, Plame’s husband, former ambassador Joseph Wilson, accused the administration of manipulating intelligence to justify the Iraq war. His detailed critique in The New York Times forced the White House to recant a key piece of evidence the president cited in his State of the Union justification for the war.

Thursday, Judge John Bates, a Bush appointee, acknowledged that the Plame lawsuit raised questions as to the propriety of actions taken by government officials at the highest level. But the judge dismissed the case, saying it was outside the court’s jurisdiction as authorized by Congress.

from you tube: CREW‘s Melanie Sloan responds to the dismissal of Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson’s civil suit against administration officials…

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