Sandusky Found Guilty, Leaves Court Bound In Handcuffs

Sandusky Found Guilty, Leaves Court Bound In HandcuffsFormer Penn St coach Jerry Sandusky, who couldn’t keep his hands where they belong, Friday evening, left court bound in handcuffs following a guilty verdict. Sandusky convicted on 45 of 48 counts of child sexual abuse over a period of 15 years, may spend rest of life in prison. The jury began deliberations on Thursday, returning a verdict the following day. A Los Angeles Times article supplies clinical review of facts in case. Writer Jeff Frantz provides a much deeper retrospective of monstrous abuse that occurred under guise of charity. In article, Jerry Sandusky guilty verdict: A beloved coach’s life, career weren’t what they seemed,” Frantz writes heart-felt account on a human tragedy of immense proportions in central Pennsylvania. “Before his fall, people used to tout all the lives Sandusky impacted. In a perverse way, they were right,” concludes Frantz. The long-squashed real story is the forgotten prospect of a network of perpetrators who used the Sandusky charity. A perfect candidate to take the fall, the Sandusky verdict leaves in the clear darker actors powerful enough to allow it all to happen!

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