Sandy Hook, Coincidences or a Meticulous Plan

Sandra Barr informs in video: “The Royals and other global elite, they do not celebrate birthdays and anniversaries of the living as we do, with say a bottle of Cava, they celebrate anniversaries of the living and the dead, and they mark the occasions with death and sacrifice.

Barr shares dates, elite may’ve had in mind to celebrate dead – what seem – strained associations of an obsessive-compulsive mind to the rest of us? Barr does numerology work on video and sees occult sacred numbers “9” and “11” everywhere. Barr suggests another belief held by elite:

The more I research the more I am convinced that the global elite and Royals also know their previous incarnations, this is just one of the reasons why dates associated with long gone Kings and Queens are so important to them.You may view other research by Barr on YouTube here.

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