stupor bowl ad ‘jokes’ that tv turns yr brain into mind controlled mush

from rogue government: A bizarre commercial that aired on the Superbowl depicts Alec Baldwin talking about how TV is designed to turn people’s brains to mush so they are easily controlled and that reptilian aliens are behind the operation to do this.

too much tv can make children ‘mentally ill’
too much tv can make children 'mentally ill'from telegraph: Excessive exposure makes a child materialistic, which in turn affects their relationship with their parents and their health. That is one of the conclusions of a new wide-ranging survey into British childhood, produced for the Children’s Society. It says that children are part of a new form of consumerism, with under 16 year-olds spending £3 billion of their own money each year on clothes, snacks, music, video games and magazines. The report claims that some advertisers “explicitly exploit the mechanism of peer pressure, while painting parents as buffoons” and that in its most extreme form, advertising persuades children that “you are what you own“.

super bowl interrupted by porn in arizona
from ap: A Tucson television station says its broadcast of the Super Bowl was interrupted for some customers by about 10 seconds of pornographic material. NBC affiliate KVOA-TV in Tucson posted a statement on its Web site late Sunday saying the only viewers who were able to see the material were those who receive the channel through Comcast cable. KVOA says it will investigate the incident and that the game was sent out from the station without interruptions or pornographic material.

army recruiting cheerleaders for afghanistan
from danger room: Football season is official over. Which means there are a whole lot of cheerleaders, looking for gigs. Good thing the U.S. Army needs a “Professional NFL Cheerleader Troupe” to tour Afghanistan in April.

bailed out bank of america sponsors super bowl fun fest
from abcnews: Despite a near collapse that required $45 billion in federal taxpayer bailout funds, Bank of America sponsored a five day carnival-like affair just outside the Super Bowl stadium this past week as President Obama decried wasteful spending on Wall St. The event – known as the NFL Experience – was 850,000 square feet of sports games and interactive entertainment attractions for football fans and was blanketed in Bank of America logos and marketing calls to sign up for football-themed banking products. The bank staunchly defended its sponsorship, saying it was a “business proposition” and part of its “growth strategy.” Critics blasted the spending as a serious abuse of taxpayer money. “The prominent sponsorship of the Super Bowl says to the American people we’ll take your money and then we’re going to go waste it,” Tom Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste, a watchdog group, told ABC News. Leading Congressional critic, Congressman Elijah Cummings, (D-MD), said, “They should know better, but obviously they don’t.”

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