The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Sacred Longitude

from Cort Lindahl: “…Rose Hill Maryland lays on the Sacred Longitude south of Washington D.C. It is a little known point in an alignment that includes Joaquin Miller’s Cabin, The Scottish Rite House of the Temple, The DC Star in the Streets, The White House, The Jefferson Pierstone, The Jefferson Memorial, Reagan Airport, Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Ft. Washington, Accokeek Maryland, and Rose Hill. Just to the east of the hill itself is Rose Hill Estate built by Washington’s physician Gustavus Brown and later occupied by his descendant Olivia Floyd during the Civil War era. Washington was known to frequently visit Dr. Brown as Mt. Vernon was only a few miles away across the Potomac River. Mr. Brown was one of several enigmatic Scottish doctors who seemed to have had a hidden hand in the creation of the United States.

I likely do not need to explain to anyone here the symbolic value of the name of Rose Hill. This place is literally sub-rosa to the whole Sacred alignment here. Accokeek, Maryland just north of Rose Hill is home to a legend of the Holy Grail. Captain John Smith himself is said to have landed here and ‘taught the Holy Grail to the Indians.’ This legend may have been propagated to establish that Smith had found and marked the Sacred Longitude. There is evidence that this longitude was valued before the historically accepted era of North American European settlement. Fast Forward to the Lincoln Assassination. The assassin John Wilkes Booth escaped to the vicinity of Rose Hill and was ‘missing’ for a four or five day period. Right near Rose Hill. His route of escape is well documented except for this four or five day period. After the war it came to light that Olivia Floyd owner of Rose Hill was a Confederate spy!”

Two men from Port Tobacco about a mile south of Rose Hill were convicted and hung for assisting Booth in his assassination and escape. There is an entire episode of the TV show ‘Brad Meltzer’s Decoded’ that discusses how Booth actually survived an lived to an old age and how an actor was killed in his place. At this point the story begins to resemble the recent story of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Barely anyone saw the body and it is missing today. Meltzer claims Booth has relatives in Kansas and that there are pictures of him as an old man.

Did Olivia Floyd either help Booth for those missing days or help him escape to Kansas? Are there any symbolic clues to indicate her association with the assassination? Why has no one considered this until now? I checked. No one.

Using clues hidden in the landscape of Rose Hill there may be proof that Ms. Floyd indeed was involved and that even later people knew of this association. The orientation of the estate of Rose Hill and its gardens may be used to create an azimuth or line on the globe that leads directly to the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

What does this mean? If this scheme is valid then they intentionally put the monument in alignment with a house where a spy lived. Was this manipulation or signaling that they knew what the original plot entailed? What does it mean about foreign interference in the Civil War? This association is almost too much to even consider it as a coincidence. Are there a group of people that have to have things set up this way in order to even execute a plan?

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