The Book That Can’t Be Read: Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript appears to be an encrypted book about herbals, but also, contains many allegorical drawings. The beautifully colored and expensive manuscript composed of many pages made from large quantities of parchment, remains unreadable.  The book has resisted major efforts to decipher, even by sophisticated computational analysis. A 45-minute National Geographic documentary retrieves manuscript from the rare book library at Yale University and subjects document’s parchments to highly technical physical analysis and even radiocarbon dating.  Documentary determines manuscript penned circa 1420.   Perhaps, most interesting, a review of suspected authors includes Leonardo da Vinci, Roger Bacon and Edward Kelley.  The manuscript gets name from Wilfrid Voynich, a bookshop owner, who purchased book from an Italian monastery just outside of Rome  in 1912.  One authority concludes it’s unlikely there’s a cipher, confident modern computational methods would’ve uncovered it.  Kelley, a prime suspect seems ruled out due to radiocarbon dating as are the other suspects. Kelley lived 150 years later and dating predates other suspects as well.  The present writer still believes Kelley a good suspect.  Is it Kelley’s language of the angels? 

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