The Mars Underground

“A very well-crafted documentary with excellent special effects and awesome musical score that outline a basic, affordable and realistically plausible plan for the human exploration of the red planet in the very near future — as few as just 10 years away (if it can be funded). It shows Dr. Robert Zubrin, aerospace engineer and president of The Mars Society, for the visionary and futurist that he is. Mars, as a destination for our planet’s various combined space agencies, is both an amazingly welcoming Earth-like world, as well as a cold, forbidding and distant challenge. Unlike our Moon, Mars will be the stepping stone to the rest of the universe, and will be the first real and sustainable off-world human colony. A great glimpse of our future as a spacefaring species,”  describes You Tube summary of Mars Underground.” Dr Zubrin and fellow engineer David Baker co-authored Mars Direct, a planned mission to the red planet, covered in 2010 post here.  Zubrin seems inspired and wants entire world to feel the same, referring to lost decades since Apollo missions as simply wasted time!  Zubrin, president of the Mars Society, believes all the ingredients necessary for success are there and simply asks, if not us,” he said, “then who? If not now, then when?…We can make Mars habitable!

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