The end of the Strong God and the sacrificial lamb

from I find myself increasingly living in a world in which it’s difficult to reply to questions, because the common currency of communication is made up of ‘coins’ in which I no longer trade. For instance, I was asked the other day, at a meeting of Greens, whether, given ‘the problem of global warming’, we should continue to rely on fossil fuels. I was being asked to choose between solutions to problems that didn’t exist, according to my perception of the issues.

So I was unable to give a reply that would have satisfied that questioner, or even one that the questioner was cognitively prepared to follow.

The question needs to be broken down, in order to expose a number of false memes that are supporting each other and contributing to this carbon monoxide fog of the information war, which is actually clouding a much more hidden covert agenda.

I’ll make an attempt to do so here …

For as far back as we can get in the historical record, we learn that man has relied upon the Earth for his sustenance. Until relatively recently, in those terms, he lived upon the Earth in partnership with its energising spirits, which I refer to as the spirits of the land or the Fae.

By the time of the Bronze and Iron Ages, which was the time in history that saw the rise of the smiths, mining was considered to be a sacred activity. Even today you’ll sometimes find examples of the shamans of Aborigine tribes in Australia being asked to preside over ceremonies at the opening of the ‘womb’ of the Mother Earth, and the birth of a new mine.

Part of the role of the shaman was to mediate between man and the spirits of the Land, in those other parallel dimensions. But since the banishing from the collective consciousness of the recognition of the other entities who live alongside us, that relationship and thus that equilibrium has been neglected.

It is a very different story today. The mining companies will only allow any kind of shamanic opening ceremony at a mine opening when they want access to Aboriginal lands. In other words, they will play ball with the Aborigines when they have to.. and mostly, they don’t have to because most of the land in the world is no longer controlled or owned by the indigenous tribes who once lived upon it.
Thus, it is no longer the case that man works in harmonic cooperation with Mother Earth. And her lavish and overbrimming cornucopia is misinterpreted by that ignorant mindset as they would view a woman in a mini-skirt and bright red lipstick; they would assume that she is ‘asking’ to be raped.

The land mirrors back to man a status which changes, according to how it is treated. If a husband rapes a wife, how does she respond to him? Gone is the happy harmonious home. Instead, she withholds from him at the very least… she also grows to hate him while, at the same time, she tries to protect the children from him. This is often made all the more difficult by the violent husband who can employ all sorts of psychological tricks to get the children onside; he might even sexually abuse them himself and then make it ‘our little secret’ to divide the children against the mother.

In this metaphor, we are those children. Largely by means of the media propaganda machine – which is the real entertainment division of the military industrial complex – the controlling elite is in the process of trying down to break down all our customs, traditions and taboos and they’re throwing our moral compasses out of the window.

Original Sin

We, the common rank-and-file people, are being made to feel guilty about this rape, when it is the others carrying it out and forcing us to be accomplices to the crime so that they can use our guilty feelings to control us.

It’s the Roman Christian religion all over again, where we are all to be held responsible for the destruction and murder of the divinely good and true and pure. In fact, even in the Jesus myth itself, it’s the Jews who killed Jesus, not us… but somehow, they managed to convince us that it is our Original Sin, for which we must atone.

This more modern atonement will come from buying special papal indulgences in the form of carbon taxes.

We’re being told that Nature is ‘running out’ – which is another favourite tactic of theirs, the scarcity myth. And it’s strange how every time they perpetrate one of their scarcity myths, like the Great Depression, the controllers seem to end up with a lot more land and gold than they had before, while we seem to lose all ours… but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

So according this false dichotomy, our Mother is going to turn against us and lock us out of the home, and it’s all our fault for not recycling our carrot peelings.

We’re being told that all sort of animals are going extinct because their habitat is being destroyed to keep up our living standards, when those standards have been imposed on us, in the first place, by the same TTIP signatories who are razing the rainforests and plundering the mines.

Not only that, but untold millions of animals have gone extinct in the last few billion years, and there have also been extremes of climate change which we can see in the ice core records going back hundreds of thousands of years.
So I guess they must have been using the wrong lightbulbs, too, in the Palaeolithic period, or putting the wrong kind of petrol in their cars…?

Those who control the Western world have ensured that we have to burn fossil fuels in order to get to work or to run the power in our homes. Any new invention which is able to provide us with free and cleaner energy is immediately bought up by them, and then shelved in a dark, forgotten cupboard. Anyone who tries to live off-grid or grow their own food is hounded and persecuted by the goons of those same corporate interests. Anyone who protests against fracking is thrown to the ground, handcuffed and roughly bundled into a paddy wagon. Anyone who points out the chemtrails being sprayed into the skies, containing aluminium, barium and strontium, is ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist.

We’re being told that it’s our carbon dioxide which is causing the pollution that’s leading to global warming, when the planet hasn’t warmed in more than 18 years, and when carbon dioxide isn’t a pollutant at all. That’s two lies right there.

There is no relation between pollution from fossil fuels and ‘global warming’, even if it did exist. The pollution from fossil fuels comes from carbon MONoxide, not carbon DIoxide. Having too much carbon monoxide in the atmosphere isn’t a good thing, for sure, but not because of anything to do with the global warming or climate change. It causes pollution and so for that reason, any kind of energy provision that doesn’t create carbon monoxide is a good idea.

Carbon di-oxide is a different chemical, but it’s being promoted as a toxin, a pollutant, when it is the opposite – it’s what all plant and vegetable life needs for their food. In perfect symbiosis, the trees and plants give off oxygen for us to breathe. In turn, we breathe out carbon di-oxide, which they need to stay alive…. until they are razed to the ground by the rapists.

So here’s the bottom line, as far as I’m concerned. We want to live in peace and harmony with our Mother, but until we’re allowed into every room in the family home, we are only getting half the story about what’s really going on here.

How long has this ‘half the story’ being going on for? Why are they telling us so many lies? Is it really just about the money? It may appear to be that way, but I see a deeper and more historically rooted motive.

The Strong God

According to my research, it all stems from the time of when the smiths overtook the shamans in influence within the tribes, because of their skill with working with copper and bronze. This is known as the Bronze Age, which came after the Neolithic Age, around 2500 BCE.

The smiths became so powerful that they formed themselves into secret societies, known as guilds, and it was via that new metallurgy religion, or way of thinking, that the idea of the necessity for a human sacrifice was introduced into the myths and stories that supported the controlling narrative.
Mircea Eliade, the late Professor of the History of Religion at Harvard writes, with great perception, in his book The Forge and the Crucible, The Origins and the Structures of Alchemy.

“All the mythology woven around agrarian fertility, metallurgy and work is of relatively recent origin. Of later date than pottery and agriculture, metallurgy is set in the framework of a spiritual universe where the heavenly god, who was still present in the ethnological phases of food gathering and small game hunting, is finally ousted by the strong God, the fertilising Male, spouse of the terrestrial Great Mother. It is known, of course, that on this religious plane, the conception of creatio ex nihilo accomplished by a supreme heavenly deity, has been overshadowed and superseded by the idea of creation from hierogamy and blood sacrifice; we pass from the idea of creation to that of procreation.

“This is one of the reasons why, in the mythology of metallurgy, we come up against the motifs of ritual union and blood sacrifice. It is important to grasp the idea – the significance of the novelty that creation is effected by immolation and self-immolation. Previous mythologies only knew of a creation ex nihilo or from some primordial substance fashioned by God.

“The making of the blood sacrifice into a condition of creation – cosmogony as well as anthropogeny – reinforces not only the homologies between man and the cosmos (for the universe itself derives from a primordial giant – a Macranthrope) but also introduces that idea that life can only be engendered from another life that has been immolated. These kinds of cosmogony and anthropogeny will have considerable consequences; the stage will be reached where creation or fabrication will be inconceivable without previous sacrifice. (my bolding).

The Father, the Strong God, has now become a sort of Bluebeard character – the dark side of man which is running rampant – and this is a direct result of our ignorance, because of all those rooms in Bluebeard’s castle, the family home, which we’re not allowed to look into.

In order for there to be a sacrifice, there has to be a sacrificial lamb. We saw this writ large with the massive bloodletting sacrifices of the Mayans and the Aztecs.

Detail from the Codex Magliabechiano

There is also reference in the Bible to the Canaanites and the Phoenicians sacrificing their children to their Strong God, Moloch.

But it would be a mistake to think that it’s any different today. The only difference is that the religious need of the controlling elite for the blood letting is more covert.

On 9/11, thousands were offered up, and the Iraq war of 2003 – mounted on the fake pretext of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ – saw the wholesale murder of more than one million, non-combatant Iraqis.

More than 16 million were killed in World War 1, and more than 60 million in World War 2.
By keeping us in ignorance about this ongoing human sacrifice, it’s easier for them to carry on piling up the sacrificial victims on the great tottering funeral pyres of wars and false flag terrorism… not to mention the children sacrificed in their black rites.

The Return to Wisdom

In other words, what we are missing is gnosis – and this makes us ignorant and unwitting victims of those who do have gnosis, who have the full picture, and who keep us moving all the time, harrying us off our lands and away from our own indigenous ancestral wisdom.

We need to wise up… that’s what wisdom really means. We can only confront and deal with the dark side of others by fully recognising and knowing our own. We can only do this by acknowledging and interacting with and within all dimensions that are present here, by learning how to communicate with the entities that people them again, as our earlier ancestors did, before the time of the belief in the Strong God.

The creation comes about not through sacrifice, but through ecstasy.

As Peter Kingsley writes in A Story Waiting to Pierce You, “Cultures are created and destroyed in ecstasy” and that it is “the breath of ecstatics” that “keeps a world alive”.

Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato, to name but a few ancient Greeks, understood this… because they were ecstatics themselves.

The ancestral spirits themselves will teach us how to become whole again, or become adults in this rite of passage, once we’re in contact with them. They’re already starting to teach me this way, and this is what I’m trying to pass on to readers here…. the way to ecstasy, wisdom and full gnosis.
Most of my work now is helping to underpin that effort, by getting us back in touch again with the spirits and our earliest ancestral wisdom.

The days of the Strong God and the sacrificial lamb are reaching their end. It won’t happen overnight, it will take many generations; but we will be returning, over time, to a more loving and generous partnership of a true alchemical, and happy marriage, with the spirits of the Land.

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