‘The Nicolaitans: Ground Zero for the Anti-Christ’

Was true Christianity co-opted by a heresy early in the Christian Era? An evocative ten minute video,The Nicolaitans: Ground Zero for the Anti-Christ,” hits close to home as all believers need to be on their toes and their faith examined.  Did a gnostic heresy replace Christ with their idol Apollo?  You Tube  provided summary:  ” 95 A.D. The Apostle John writes to Christians at Ephesus, Asia Minor (modern Turkey) identifying a man among them as THE ANTICHRIST. The term antichrist only occurs 4 places in the Bible, and all four uses of it, are directed to Christians at Ephesus. John says THIS IS…. the Antichrist, both what is to come, and that it is already here. When you see what John was calling THE ANTICHRIST at Ephesus, you will be shocked. The Revelation of who these people really are in history, WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING. (just as it always has).” Christmasisalie.com makes clear term “Anti-Christ” addressed directly to Ephesus.  Has”Christianity” as we know it, been transformed, into a mix of  Satanic Worship and Worship of God?

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