TV Promotes Poor Diet, Study Says

Advertised food has way too much sugar, fat
TV Promotes Poor Diet, Study Saysfrom click2houston: Letting television ads choose your food will lead to an imbalanced diet, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Researchers from Armstrong Atlantic State University created a 2,000-calorie diet entirely from advertised food. They found that it would contain 25 times the recommended amount of sugar and 20 times the recommended level of fat. It would have half the vegetables, dairy and fruits suggested in nutritional guidelines. “The results of this study suggest the foods advertised on television tend to oversupply nutrients associated with chronic illness,” lead investigator Michael Mink said. The diet was based on watching 84 hours of primetime TV and 12 hours of Saturday morning broadcasts during 2004. All major networks were sampled.

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