‘twilight: breaking dawn’ film reportedly triggering seizures

reports of ‘twilight’ seizures echo subliminal ‘exorcist’ panic

'twilight: breaking dawn' film reportedly triggering seizures

The latest ‘Twilight’ movie, ‘Breaking Dawn’, contains a birthing scene reported to elicit seizures. The vampire birthing scene has sharp flashes of black, white and red lights. Experts believe blue-tinted eye glasses can protect those predisposed, rendering red flashes harmless. Could it be the latest stupid teen craze to attend to see who falls out? The article reports a medical expert believes little damage would be done by a “one off” seizure. Daily Decibel tracks reports of those who experienced or witnessed seizures during the movie, many reports were by people who had never suffered an epileptic seizure before. The scene adds a new dimension to horror movies! You’ve been warned!

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