Victor Rothschild: Illuminati Soviet Agent

Victor Rothschild:  Illuminati Soviet AgentHenry Makow updates 2006 article, Victor Rothschild was a ‘Soviet’ Agent,” on important Illuminati figure.  Makow summarizes suspicions about role Victor Rothschild played in world affairs:

“…The Rothschilds are undoubtedly the largest shareholders in the world’s central banking system. Victor Rothschild’s career as Soviet agent confirms that these London-based bankers plan to translate their monopoly on credit into a monopoly on everything using government as their instrument, ultimately a ‘world government’ dictatorship akin to Communism….Between 1935 and 1963, the Soviet Union knew all of Britain’s military and scientific secrets thanks to ‘The Cambridge Five’ a spy ring that operated in M1-5, MI-6 and the Foreign Office. Western intelligence agencies were rendered ineffective and Allied secrets, including the design of the atomic bomb, were stolen. The traitors were Kim Philby, Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt. But there is a natural reluctance to admit that ‘the Fifth Man’ was Nathaniel Meyer Victor Rothschild (1910-1990), the Third Baron Rothschild, the British head of the world’s richest banking dynasty , which controls the Bank of England.”

It’s the case, ruling elite are pitted against everyone else!  Makow concludes:  “The super rich have more in common with each other than they have with the rest of humanity. It appears they have abandoned their natural role as leaders and benefactors, and instead conspire to enchain us.” Rothschild was nothing less than a high-ranking Illuminati Figure. “Victor Rothschild held many jobs that served to disguise his true role which I suspect was that of a member of the Illuminati Grand Council. (The Illuminati represent the highest rank of Freemasonry.) He was not a lowly agent. He probably gave orders to people like Winston Churchill, FDR and Stalin,” writes Makow.   The present writer believes Makow close to the truth!

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