Who Is Saturn?

Who Is Saturn?Who is Saturn? A You Tube video called 666 – The Cult of Saturn displays challenging images in an eye-opening – no pun intended – one hour! It’s well-done and worth your time. The video examines Baphomet, Ninurta, Ishtar and their many names across cultures and the symbols that adorn all major religions. Hexagrams and 666’s are found everywhere and the video provides a well-crafted argument that the “Christ” images in Christianity are none other than Ninurta or Saturn – which is another name for Satan. Some other observations made in video: Saturn is the sixth planet and Saturday the sixth day of the week. A Hexagram represents Saturn, has a six-sided star, six triangles and a six-pointed polygon in it. Biggest revelations are, perhaps, Voyager images of the north and south poles of Saturn. North Pole of Saturn has an amazing hexagon (hexagram) pattern. South Pole appears to be hurricane-like vortex that resembles theall seeing eye of Horus from back of dollar bill and Freemasonry. A viewer comes away with the impression that there has got to be more to this relationship with Saturn – since symbols used by religions for centuries, seem aware of aspects of Saturn only recently discovered? This video will raise your occult IQ in just one hour!

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