would democrats waterboard atta?

a ridiculous editorial from investors business daily asks the musical question: would democrats waterboard atta? aside from framing the question within the phony left/right paradigm & believing jack bauer bullshit, it completely neglects to mention the fact that we had identified mohammed atta before 9/11 thanks to ‘able danger‘.

would democrats waterboard atta?from investors business daily: The question above, assuming we had 9/11 mastermind Mohammed Atta in custody on 9/10, is what those grilling the director of the CIA on interrogation techniques ought to be required to answer.

One of the ironies of the Senate inquiry into the destruction of the CIA tapes showing the waterboarding of captured jihadists is that the point is essentially moot. Thanks to the enhanced scrutiny of enhanced interrogation techniques, those who’d kill us all know first of all that nobody has died from waterboarding or ever will. And it’s unlikely to ever be used again.

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