11/11 Newspurge: Shoot the Death Star Down

9/11 Updates:
Colorado Democrats call for new 9/11 investigation*
Gawker trashes ‘truthers’*
Osama appoints new commander to spearhead war on west*

Big pharma to begin microchipping drugs*
Big pharma to begin microchipping drugsLook out, your medicine is watching you*
Drug firm hired athletes, luring doctors to play ball*
Underpopulation bomb: Women without kids up 80% from 30yrs ago*
Multiple independent lab tests confirm oil in Gulf shrimp*
More nuke woes: Indian Point NY blast, new leak at VT Yankee*
IDF kicks off ‘Orange Flame’ biowarfare drill*
Why is Russia building 5000 more nuke shelters by 2012?*

Why smart people do more drugs*
Marijuana growers voted against legalization*

China says G20 should monitor US fed*
Video: Greenspan admits bank fraud on Jekyll stage with Bernanke*
Bankster won’t face hit-&-run felony because it could jeopardize his job*
Banks spying on your bills, rent payments, paychecks: report*
Harley-Davidson to build bikes in India*
19 iconic products America doesn’t make anymore*
Report suggests alcohol consumption rising as depression deepens*
How to save America in one week*
Video: UK ‘Anarchists’ turn tuition protest into violent melee*

Sweden joins Norway in alleging US embassies spied*
Japan Coast Guard official admits China video leak*
Russia hunts agent who betrayed US cell*

Video: 'Family of Secrets' author rebuts Bush 'Decision Points'Video: ‘Family of Secrets’ author rebuts Bush ‘Decision Points’*
More ‘Points’: White House bio-war alarm went off in 2002*
Fmr. UK intel chairman: Waterboarding didn’t stop terror plots*
Rep. Nadler: ‘Shameful dereliction’ not to prosecute Bush*
DEA deployed Mumbai plotter despite warning*
Ted Sorensen dead at 82, helped create Kennedy mystique*
‘Secret’ subway stop revealed in NYC*

Holy Hexes:
World’s tallest Jesus statue completed in Poland*
World's tallest Jesus statue completed in PolandMichelle Obama dons headscarf at Indonesian mosque*

MSNBC briefly suspends Olbermann after Dem donation disclosed*
Tucker Carlson’s funny little ‘black op’ against Olbermann*
Plame game: In the rush to war, even a spy is ‘fair game’*
Michael Jackson’s new album cover rife with symbolism*
Amazon defends ‘Pedophile’s Guide’*
Update: ‘Pedophile’s Guide’ pulled from Amazon.com*
‘Black Ops’ shatters sales record*

Bay Bridge commute halted by standoff with gunman*

Obama: Embrace globalism & one world economy*
Video: As Obama arrives in Jakarta, secret docs show US-backed Indonesian special forces unit targets Papuan churches, civilians*
Indians defy Obama, globalism, Zionism & war*
Muslims say Obama failing to keep Cairo promises*
Video: Tarpley’s post-election advice for desperate Dems*

Oregon oddities:
Fmr. CIA spy Jim Nicholson pleads guilty in Portland courtroom to acting as an agent for Russians*
Worried medical marijuana growers protect crops with anti-theft booby traps*
Gunman invades home of Columbia Sportswear chairwoman*

WV Worry:
Manchin denies he’ll switch parties*

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