#MorningMonarchy: May 7, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: May 7, 2020Doctors in black, the Trayvon hoax and faking patients + this day in history w/Nick Berg’s beheading and our song of the day by Gorillaz on your Morning Monarchy for May 7, 2020.


Japanese honeybees learned how to ‘cook’ murder hornet

Toilet frog invasion leaves Derbyshire townsfolk scared and baffled

Walla Walla County Health Officials Getting Reports of COVID-19 Parties

Medical plane reportedly used for coronavirus response in Philippines ‘caught fire and exploded,’ American among 8 dead

Coronavirus Researcher on Verge of ‘Very Significant Findings’ Shot to Death in His Home

World-renowned HIV researcher Frank Plummer, 67, dies

Three Russian doctors treating the coronavirus have recently fallen from windows

DOCTORS IN BLACK – #PlanDemic, global plan to take control of our lives (Audio)

Discredit campaign and false flag prep op has started against protestors – FBI seizes four pipe bombs from home of Colorado anti-lockdown protester, feds say

Director @JoelSGilbert released “The Trayvon Hoax” on YouTube for free so the world could see how Trayvon Martin’s supposed “girlfriend,” 18yo Rachel Jeantel, was an impostor “swapped in” before trial in place of his actual girlfriend, 16yo Diamond Eugene. (Audio)

State of Florida has not opened a criminal investigation of Rachel Jeantel, Sybrina Fulton, Crump, or the state attorneys as far as I know. Zimmerman has a lawsuit working its way through the courts though.

Star Wars Day promotion goes awry after LPS arrests employee in stormtrooper costume

Two JBLM soldiers arrested in connection to homicide

Man shoots mail carrier because he was upset over stimulus check, Indiana officials say

In Firing Squad Fashion, Cops Wake Up Sleeping Homeless Man and Execute Him – And Oakland Taxpayers foot the bill…

NYPD Officer Seen Beating Man In Social Distancing Arrest Has A History Of Alleged Brutality

Naked mum found walking down Ukrainian street with her daughter’s severed head in a bag

Cops hunt person wearing creepy 17th century plague doctor costume

Sick vid shows dancing nurses carrying ‘corpse’ of coronavirus victim as they copy TikTok pallbearers meme

Tel Aviv’s Pussycat used to bill itself as the premier strip club in the Middle East, allegedly popular among Israeli TV stars and military brass for its notorious private lounge

He’s part of a famous anti-LGBTQ evangelical family. He just came out as a drag queen.

Portland Catholic churches prepare to reopen – Kids will be given early access, of course! 😉

#JeffreyEpstein had private office at @Harvard after 2008 conviction

Epstein Had Extensive Ties With Harvard University

Danny Masterson: Drop me from Scientology lawsuit if the ‘Jane Does’ won’t name themselves

O.C. District Attorney warns residents after release of 7 ‘high-risk’ sex offenders during coronavirus pandemic (But don’t you dare sit, peacefully, on the beach!)

“Well, we knew that they (@CBSNews) were coming, we had no clue that we’re going to have to do FAKE PATIENTS…” – Registered Nurse, @CherryHealthMI (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: #May7 w/”American businessman” Nick Berg, is beheaded by “Islamic militants”, recorded on VIDEOTAPE and released on the Internet.

Did you know #ZachariasMoussaioui borrowed #NickBerg’s laptop once? In Norman, Oklahoma, when the 20th hijacker was in flight school!

Cult of the Supreme Being, Beethoven’s 9th, Cambridge Chronicle, Popov’s #RadioDay, #HHHolmes hanged, arms-carrying #Lusitania sunk, Sony est., #Endeavour launch, tomb of #Herod

Flashback: Police State Updates: Immigration, ID Cards & Unruly Flyers // National ID card included in Dem’s immigration bill // Download PDF: Dems spark alarm with call for national ID card // Orwellian Dems & ‘the believe system’: Immigration proposal creates biometric national ID card for every worker // Covert economic agenda beneath immigration reform // 1000s march at events across US // Video: 1000s across Bay Area protest new Arizona immigration law // If you cross the US border… // Couple arrested at US border for asking questions // 2 Arizona cities sue state over immigration law // Video: Students kicked off campus for wearing American flag t-shirts // Operation Jaded Thunder: Joint military exercise will raise noise levels in skies over Treasure Valley, Idaho until May12 // Video: Minot airman killed during ‘Vigilant Shield’ nuke drill // Official: TSA ramping up east coast security measures // 14 nations to participate in military exercise jun23-aug1 // 2 day drill will simulate WMD attack on Sioux Falls, S. Dakota // Day 1 of disaster drill is complete in Sioux Falls, SD // Rhode Island simulates bioevent // Burning of mustard agents at Oregon’s Umatilla chemical depot resumes // S. Carolina to host bioevent simulation // Fighter jets buzz Toronto, Muskoka in G20 test runs // Change you can bereave in: Wiretaps up 26% in 2009 // Video: Militarized police at Obama event in Illinois // New ‘black box’ plan for US cars // Cash-strapped Fresno police enlist volunteers // Taiwan flight diverted, passenger claims explosives on board // Device detonated near Pittsburgh Marathon finish line // Luggage explodes at Houston’s Bush airport // Video: Emergency landing made at BWI for unruly flyer // Detroit airport cop & TSA worker accused of stealing pizza & punching clerk // Suspicious package: TSA worker jailed after junk joke // Abandoned U-Haul truck causes NYPD to shut down RFK bridge for 3 hours // Passengers disembark NH bus in handcuffs, m-16s pointed at them // The Hutaree case falls apart // Judge says 9 Hutaree militia members can be released on bond // Jailed Michigan militia members could be released // Hutaree militia members release delayed // Arizona to eliminate Napolitano’s speed cameras on freeways (May 7, 2010)

Flashback: 5/6 Binge & Purge: Labels, Launch, Lead & Listeria // Groups urge feds to change US position on food labeling // Int’l labeling for GMO’s may not happen: Concerned US citizens lobby with petition // Youtube censors video interview with Jeffrey Smith about gmo’s // NaturalNews to launch free speech video network // Rep Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin amendment into wall street reform bill // The sugar wars // Roundup-resistant super weeds // California finds lead in candy // More prosciutto recalled for listeria // Salmonella found in chocolate chips // US food prices ‘spiraling out of control’ (May 7, 2010)

Flashback: Defcon 5/6: Global Cooperation & Orwellian Legislation // Cybersecurity meet ends with calls for ‘global cooperation’ // Summit in Dallas targets cybercrime – sponsored by Goldman Sachs & Microsoft, etc // Should google try to prevent terrorism? // Getting ready for tomorrow’s space wars // IBM’s city sim trains planners to tackle future problems for growing urban centers // Watch the skies! Are aliens really coming or is it a govt plot? // Internet ‘hate sites’ jump 20% in 1yr // Cyber attacks hyped to justify net regulation // Groups call ‘privacy’ legislation Orwellian // Blackberry ‘predicted a century ago’ by pioneering physicist Nikola Tesla // Report reams admins for secretly snapping student pics // Facebook bug allowed users to eavesdrop on chats // Top 10 reasons to quit Facebook

Flashback: 5/6 Newspurge: Swim (to Reach the End) // Biowars/envirohealth: Tornado, floods kill at least 22 in southern US // ‘Mt. St. Helens – back from the dead’: and you thought iceland was a problem // Wal-mart toxic dumping case: $27m // Children’s tylenol recalled over tiny particles & out-of-control manufacturing processes // Recalled children’s tylenol products were knowingly contaminated, says fda // Dramatic rise in prescribing psychiatric drugs to children younger than 5 // ATF purchases biodetection equipment // 2 teens charged in s carolina anthrax hoax // Supreme court shuts main doors to stop bioterror threats // ‘Poisoned by pollution’: new book & short film documentary // New recycling bins with tracking chips coming to alexandria, va

Drugwar: Washington dc approves medical use of marijuana! // Video: Fox news makes excuse for CIA’s Afghan opium cultivation

Econocrash: Americans seeking reward money inform IRS on others // Stocks extend plunge on concerns about greece // Gold pushes above $1,200 in after-hours trading as US stock market melts down // 8 theories for why the stock market plunged almost 1000 points in a matter of minutes on may6 // Video: cnbc’s bartiromo says ‘this really sounds like market manipulation to me’ // The only state with a growing economy has its own public bank. any questions? // Members of congress bet against stocks in year of financial crisis // How is the US economy supposed to succeed when our politicians & big banks are making billions betting against it? // Let’s call them what they really are: fascists // Los angeles room with a view to a mystery // Brian alexik update: tile mosaic replica of cia emblem on floor, hugo chavez portrait hanging above it // Video: bank of america hit with mark of the beast graffiti // Most school districts to cut jobs, freeze hiring next year // Effort to expand audits of fed picks up steam in senate // Pennsylvania tax ad has orwellian theme // Video: orwellian big brother tax collection ads in pennsylvania // Toledo man streams foreclosure occupation on ustream.tv

Geopolitiks: Greek parliament passes austerity bill // At least 3 killed as protestors storm parliament in greece // Will greece’s social unrest be contagious? // Many possible triggers for wider euro debt crisis // Video: greek crisis will come to US // Europe crisis deepens as chaos grips greece // Video: gerald celente on greek bailout // Are france & germany in trouble? // Portugal may be cut by moody’s as contagion spreads // Nigel farage, bankster critic, injured in plane crash in northamptonshire // Regime change by plane crash // Mexico’s immigration laws tougher than arizona’s // Lone mumbai terrorist survivor sentenced to death // Africom & neo-colonialism: pentagon carves africa into military zones // UK bishops in defection talks with vatican // Video: uk election leaves uncertainty, ushers in a stalemated parliament

History/mystery: Analysis of 40-year-old tape may reveal whether ohio guardsmen were ordered to fire on kent state protesters // Kent state killings triggered by FBI agent provocateur // Search narrows for air france flight 447 black boxes

Media/memes: Mind control theories & techniques used by mass media // Dumbed-down population: teen celeb justin bieber doesn’t know what ‘german’ is… // Unification church will put washington times up for sale // Video: ‘kids in the hall’ foresaw glenn beck in ’94

Murder/mayhem: Twilight language: 3 days, 3 attacks // Video: knife-weilding attacker says “it’s my job” // Twilight language: new stabbings // At least 4 stabbed in so cal target, woman arrested // Woman screams “there is no witness protection program!” as she stabs people in california store // Gunman with ak-47 goes on rampage; 5 shot, 2 dead in hawaiian gardens // NFL hall of famer lawrence taylor arrested in connection with rape investigation

Obamessiah: Video: Obama jokes about killing people via drones // Obama’s drone strike joke shows the reality of political leadership in the american empire // 100s of pakistani civilians murdered by predator drone strikes in ’09 alone // Top recipient of political cash from bp & goldman sachs: barack obama // Obama justice: acquittal does not guarantee release from prison // Obama, gore, goldman, joyce foundation ccx partners to fleece US // Video: schwarzenegger tells leno he still wants to be president // Video: sen. mike bennett caught looking at porn on senate floor // Exposed: christian leader caught with male escort says he needed help with his luggage // Indiana voting machine glitch in 5,000 machines not reported by company // Wilkinson becomes 1st elected tea party official, will run for congress as 3rd party candidate // Obama gets weekly tutorials in terrorism // Video: robert steele, frm cia officer, on obama’s terror tutorials

Warwhores: Size of US nuclear arsenal revealed for 1st time: are 5,113 bombs enough? // US reveals size of nuclear stockpile // Pentagon confirms $1.4b in no-bid fuel contracts to mysterious companies // US deploys 1000s drones in afghanistan // State dept flies mercenary air force over pakistan // Iran starts first day of military drill in persian gulf // Marine corps tries to cope with rising suicide rate // Secret erik prince/blackwater tape exposed // Britain probes claims of chemical weapons in fallujah war crime of oct’04 (May 7, 2010)

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode168b (May 7, 2010)

Flashback: Media Monarchy Episode169 (May 7, 2010)

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#NewWorldNextWeek: Lockdowns For Thee, Not For Me!

#PumpUpThaVolume: Gorillaz (@Gorillaz) – “How Far?” (w/Tony Allen & Skepta // Audio)