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#MorningMonarchy: May 17, 2022

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#MorningMonarchy: May 17, 2022Super secret contracts, injecting graphene and the promise of human regeneration + this day in history w/the Antikythera Mechanism and our song of the day by Gennaro Agresti on your Morning Monarchy for May 17, 2022.


Biden set to redeploy U.S. troops to Somalia, reversing Trump withdrawal

USS Wichita slated to be scrapped by Navy after only 3 years

Biden Disinformation Czar Demands Power To Edit Other People's Tweets

DARPA wants to model how ‘disinformation’ flows from fringe to mainstream platforms; By gaining a deeper understanding of information pathways, DARPA-funded research could become a powerful tool for the Disinformation Governance Board, aka the ‘Ministry of Truth’: perspective

DARPA Asks Raytheon to Develop Artificial Intelligence Medical Tool

NSA Re-awards Secret $10 Billion Contract to Amazon

Video: NSA Awards $10B Contract To Amazon, Details Withheld For ‘National Security’ (Audio)

Biden meets with labor organizer at Amazon after Senate hearing

Elon Musk Sows Doubt Over His $44 Billion Twitter Takeover; Musk says deal is on hold but that he’s still committed - Tesla CEO wants more detail on proportion of fake accounts

Report flags vast scale of adtech’s ‘biggest data breach’

El Salvador loses $38M in Bitcoin crash, faces potential default

US "Running Low" On Javelin Missile Stockpiles After Supplying Ukraine

Texas Power Grid Operator Urges Customers To Conserve Electricity

Startup offers $800-a-month bunk bed 'pods' in Bay Area home; Blackout curtains are provided at the end of each pod for privacy.

US government seeks Smart ePants contractors for sensor-woven clothing; No word on search for lie-detecting Pants-on-Fire outfit

Video: What If You Were Injected With Graphene? (Audio)

Piezo Fibers Transform Fabric into Sensitive Microphone

Classic Japanese audio brand Onkyo files for bankruptcy; Maker of stereos and speakers doomed by market shift to streaming and smartphones

Astronomers reveal first image of the black hole

Image: On my bike ride this morning, saw a delivery robot lost in the woods // h/t to danny :robocop:

Algae-powered computing: Scientists create reliable and renewable biological photovoltaic cell


Video: The Promise of Human Regeneration: Forever Young

#ThisDayInHistory: Identification of the Antikythera Mechanism (Audio) // //

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#MorningMonarchy: May 17, 2022