3/24 Pop Occulture: Prophets, Poll, The Shack & Sex

christian prophets warn california about to get massive quake*
3/24 Pop Occulture: Prophets, Poll, The Shack & Sexdurable doomsday preacher predicts world’s end again*
poll: few believe natural disasters are signs from god*
a spiritual guide to climate change*
stars align for britain’s royal wedding*
palin visits israel as she mulls presidential run*
religion may become extinct in nine nations, study says*
video: author of ‘the shack’ rejects religion*
houdini doesn’t escape google doodle on 137th birthday*
bourbon with a bite: the devil’s cut from jim beam*
100k people pressure apple to shut down ‘gay cure’ app*
crystal cathedral sex covenant about stirs controversy*
video: texans are ‘pole dancing for jesus’*

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