Beyond MKULTRA Series: Review of ‘Madness In the Fast Lane’

A 2010 BBC production, “Madness In The Fast Lane,” is explained to viewers as extremely rare cases of psychosis. The explanation falls flat once a mind control viewpoint gets applied. Elisa, a former mind control slave, provides experienced opinion in article, “Beyond MKULTRA Series: Review of Madness in the Fast Lane by Elisa.” The former slave makes inexplicable accessible to an uninitiated public as she takes you through video, “…as someone who comes from inside of the world of total mind kontrol programming, as someone who has been in deep deprogramming for years now.”

A recap of subject Sabina Eriksson and some of her behavior, at times, exhibitions of superhuman strength and near indestructibility, are provided, below the fold!

Elisa begins with description of genetics of Mind Controlled slaves that seem incredible, until, you’ve watched the documentary:

“…these women are ‘programmed hybrids.’…an intentionally designed hybrid slave who also was inflicted with severe trauma and torture to facilitate the condition of “Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).”…hybridization occurred pre-conception and involves human DNA as well as extra-terrestrial DNA, with the addition of at least two types of animal DNA for enhanced ‘abilities.'”

An astounding sequence in documentary records Sabina getting hit on M6 Expressway in England not once or twice, but three times! Sabina and sister Ursula go into self-destruct mode and jump into speeding traffic that Elisa makes clear below:

“The initial event within this video is the two hybrids, one at time, running into the two lanes of traffic on the M6 motorway. The first sister, Ursula, is run over by a truck with a trailer crushing her legs with compound fractures on both legs. She remains conscious. the second sister, Sabina, runs out into traffic only seconds after her sister’s run and is knocked unconscious after smashing into the windshield and roof of a passenger vehicle. Apparently, the vehicle sustained more damage than Sabina did. This is fast moving traffic. Ursula engages in conversation with the police officers while they attempt to comfort her awaiting the ambulance.”

“It is apparent…this is the behavior of a mind kontrolled hybrid slave who is under full programming…the twin sisters were ‘on task’ when they were interrupted by the police on the M6 motorway…Upon the arrival of the police and being detained, the twins either were attempting to get away due to the programmed need to ‘finish it,’ the program that was in the midst of “running” from within, or the appearance of the officers ‘triggered’ a ‘self-destruct program.’ when an “on task” gets interrupted…”

Psychiatrist Nigel Eastman dismisses remarks about stealing their organs as delusional. Elisa informs Sabina’s comments make sense to a mind control victim and far from delusional:

“The reference Sabina makes to ‘stealing organs’ is not the least bit suspicious when you realize that a significant part of programming trauma and horrification, as well as training…[which] involved dismemberment of humans and animals. As well, the ‘twins’ may have been exposed to an aspect of the black market selling of organs, just one of the many arms of the ‘network’ producing total mind kontrol slaves.”

Elisa concludes “…these [twin sisters Sabina and Ursula born in Sweden] are programmed, hybrid slaves is not in question.” The present writer finds explanations from Elisa more satisfactory, and even compelling, when juxtaposed to a diagnosis of extremely rare psychosis given by authorities.

Sabina Eriksson will remain a mysterious humanoid figure to most of us, who may already been released from prison, after receiving a five year sentence for stabbing a man to death just a day or two after the M6 Expressway incident! It’s a bizarre story but worth your time! You’ve been warned – genetically modified mind control slaves are out there!

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