Media/Memes: Trayvon Manson, Titanic Tax Day

We’ve been tracking most of these stories for several weeks and now it seems as though they’re converging. We also have tax day, Lincoln’s assassination anniversary and many more memes… Stay tuned!

'Titanic,' like Obama, focuses on class divisions‘Titanic,’ like Obama, focuses on class divisions*
Titanic Myths and the End of Consumer Capitalism*
The Titanic: The Mass Murder That Created the Federal Reserve Bank and the New World Order’s 20th Century?*
100 Years Ago, the Titanic Disaster Captivated New York City*
Titanic sinking 100 years later:
A night that lives on in film, books, television, theater
The Iceberg Was Only Part of It:
A New Look at Nature’s Role in the Titanic’s Sinking
@RollingStone: #Titanic3D and #AmericanReunion – Which movie is worth seeing?*
Titanic-related artifacts to be auctioned in New York*
Video: Buying Titanic memorabilia ‘is not weird’*
Titanic unlikely to sink again, says prof – apparently*
Northern Ireland pinning hopes on Titanic resurgence*
Titanic memorial cruise reaches Cobh in Irish Republic*
Video: Memorial cruise sets sail for site where Titanic sank*
Buying Titanic memorabilia ‘is not weird’*
Memorial cruise sets sail for site where Titanic sank*
Titanic Memorial Cruise Sets Sail*
Video: Titanic cruise ship Balmoral turns around*
Fukushima Update | Japanese ghost ship shows up off Canadian coast*
‘Battleship’ Film Review – The Hollywood Reporter*
Video: ‘Titanic 2’ on @NavigateNetflix*
@jeremyscahill: Is the cast of The Hunger Games standing behind Santorum?*
Santorum’s daughter, ‘Bella,’ hospitalized again*
Edwards syndrome – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia*
Katniss Everdeen, a New Type of Woman Warrior*
Edmund Epstein Dies at 80 – Gave ‘Lord of the Flies’ Wings*
Twilight Language: F35 Into CBC Building*
Pilots in Navy jet crash had few options*
JetBlue 191 Jumble: False Flag Flight?*
Foreign Box Office: ‘Wrath of the Titans’ Holds at No. 1*

Mass Murderer Charles #Manson Boycotts Parole HearingMass Murderer Charles #Manson Boycotts Parole Hearing*
Video: Bugliosi Says Manson should stay behind bars*
Calif. prison panel denies Manson’s bid for parole*
Helter Skelter “prosecutor claimed the phrase reflected Manson’s twisted idea that he could cause a racewar”*
Video: Charles Manson Denied Parole After Saying He Is a ‘Very Dangerous Man’*
Dear Media: America Doesn’t Want Your New Race War*
Amy Goodman: Black in White Plains – The Police Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain*
Zimmerman to be charged in killing of Trayvon*
Armed Neo-Nazis Occupy Sanford, Protecting ‘Whites’*
Tyson on Zimmerman: ‘It’s a disgrace that man hasn’t been shot yet’*
Bad Timing for a Comedy Called ‘Neighborhood Watch’*
Video: ‘Neighborhood Watch’ Movie Trailer*
Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman Charged With Second Degree Murder After 44 days*
Zimmerman booked on 2nd-degree murder charge*


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