ground zero: the pledge of a grievance

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from clyde lewis: You submit to authority and you don’t even know why. You just do it, without question. Because you know what happens when you question. You are either shot or tased. Then hauled into the system, fingerprinted and held in containment until they can figure out what to do with you. You hear what you are charged with, and they love to tack on to your charges things that you weren’t even a part of. That sets your bail higher and your jail time longer. Even if they find you are found to be innocent and are set free you still have to wait for them to hand file your request for release. That is because they don’t see you as a person. They see you as a name on a peace of paper with a social security number. You are a statistic on a census. But that’s America: love it or leave it, right?


featuring guests: tracy twyman & johnny liberty

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