Rivera’s Eighties Classic Special: Exposing Satan’s Underground

Rivera’s Eighties Classic Special: Exposing Satan’s UndergroundThe Geraldo Rivera special expose from the eighties is still worth watching today. While some critics dismiss it as CIA disinfo, it recaps many of the bizarre murders of that decade, which in retrospect seems a high watermark of cult activity. The McMartin preschool and Bizarre Bob Berdella cases are heavily laced with satanic ritualism It’s certain a cartoon-like villain Army Lt Col. Michael Aquino, who defends his religion to the nation, makes it more difficult to take the presentation seriously. The real question should it be taken more seriously? Is it just a meddlesome CIA disinformation campaign? What’s the purpose? The present writer leans towards, both, a campaign to distort and render unbelievable the behavior of a cult that masquerades as a government agency! It’s must viewing!

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