Thoughts on the Spiritual Search and Teaching

from Is our current spiritual and cognitive paradigm convoluted with artificiality, misdirection and disdain for pure pursuit of knowledge? How manipulated has the Earth’s population become over the centuries, and why are so many of us the most susceptible subjects to the whims of the elite? In his article, Carlo Dorofatti digs deep into what makes us tick, and what may in fact lead us to a redemption of consciousness that we so sorely need as a human race: “…Today the struggle for an authentic understanding of the self is mortified by the same leveling, though no longer inflicted by violence, it is established with more subtle and deadly social and cultural sedatives which, with implacable efficiency, really seem to be leading us to a ‘New World Order’ without even the pretense of an authentic human renaissance. Instead we have lukewarm, standardized fantasies, New Age style which, bring that same ‘old individual confusion’ in through the backdoor with a moralistic, dualistic and clerical ring.

Rebirth has to begin with each individual, from the depths of the True Self, and direct itself towards real change. It is still possible. We have to act so that it does not become just the latest fashion, the same old whim. We must not confuse the search for truth with the search for more sophisticated consumer goods and a more sophisticated ego; or true being with the need for well-being and ‘understanding’…” It’s an interesting breakdown of why it is wise to take the time to examine ourselves, our personal philosophies and guiding morals, be they spiritual instincts or concrete values, as we take a more sacred path in life – resisting the new world order until we take our last breath, (hoping that it won’t persevere that long in the face of the resistance.)

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