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#MorningMonarchy: March 16, 2020

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#MorningMonarchy: March 16, 2020Another new normal, West Virginia worry and hypersonic weapons + this day in history w/kidnapping William Buckley and our song of the day by J. Robbins on your Morning Monarchy for March 16, 2020.


Streaming some pandemic disaster movie, Hey everybody, freak out on this! (Audio)

Is this the start of thr great 'economic reset' of our time - of the passing of the NWO baton to 'most favored nation' & the black swan event to dethrone the dollar?

A no-savings generation is cashing in its sneaker collections

Student suspended from school for selling ‘squirts’ of hand sanitizer to classmates

Markets vs. Socialism: Why South Korean Healthcare Is Outperforming Italy with COVID-19

US sparks word war against China on COVID-19

COVID-19: Further Evidence that the Virus Originated in the US

The cures and response will be worse than the disease: National Guard activated in six states to help fight coronavirus

ACLU claims they will lookout for abuses in Emergency Powers

Of course West Virginia is the last state to get coronovirus, half their population lives in the mountains. They’ve practiced social distancing for years!

Leaders prepare for Coronavirus in local communities (Audio)

@CFR_org⁩ Cancels NY Conference on Virus

Coronavirus Forces World’s Largest Work-From-Home Experiment

Oregon Department of Corrections Bans all Prison Visitors, Including Attorneys and Parole Officers

Migrants in overcrowded camps in Greece to be offered €2,000 to go home

Illinois Mayor May Ban Guns, Firearms Sales Over Coronavirus Panic

Suit filed over Sandy Hook-inspired law limiting gun rounds

‘You’re full of s**t’: Biden fights with Michigan factory worker over gun laws and ‘shushes’ female staffer

Unlike many sheriffs who say the Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order Act violates Second Amendment protections and therefore will not enforce it, Sheriff Adan Mendoza said: “I don’t just get to pick and choose which laws I’m going to enforce..."

Liberty Activist 'Murdered as He Slept' by SWAT Team Seizing His Guns

Did Maryland Police Shoot And Kill A Sleeping Man?

Afghan government to release Taliban prisoners as U.N. backs push to end war

Chelsea Manning Supporters Raise A Quarter Million Dollars In Two Days

House passes surveillance bill after rare bipartisan deal

Japan unveils its hypersonic weapons plans


#ThisDayInHistory: #March16 w/William Buckley, the CIA station chief in #Beirut, is kidnapped by "Islamic fundamentalists" in 1984. (Audio)

+#ArmyCorpsOfEngineers est, #ScarletLetter, #JitterbugWaltz, #IwoJima over, #Würzburg destroyed, #PuffTheMagicDragon, #Gemini8, #MyLai massacre, #TammiTerrell died, #AldoMoro kidnapped, #Halabja attack

Flashback: Fmr Agent Robert Baer - CIA Has Become ‘An Adjunct’ To The Military (Mar. 16, 2010)

Flashback: Private Contractors Tied To Effort To Track & Kill Militants // Off-The-Books 'Jason Bournes' In Afghanistan? // 3/18 Warwhores Updates: Oil?! We’re here for the heroin! (at $19,923,200 per barrel!) // The war on terrorism is a racket! // Would US troops fire on Americans? // Indonesian Police & military conduct massive joint anti-terror drills // Video: US marines using live-fire during S. Korean drills // Pentagon propaganda machine rolls on in Afghanistan (Mar. 16, 2010)

Flashback: Fake Report of Russian Tanks Sparks Panic In Country of Georgia // Georgia: Simulating war or provoking it? // French state railway causes panic with web blunder over 'disaster' (Mar. 16, 2010)

Flashback: Lehman Collapse - What Did Geithner know & When Did He Know It? // NY Fed under Geithner implicated in Lehman accounting fraud // 3/18 Econocrash Updates: Record-setting number of Americans pay no income tax // Detroit family homes sell for just $10 // IRS visits Sacramento carwash in pursuit of 4 cents // US & UK move closer to losing AAA rating // Fmr president of just-failed bank arrested on bank bribery, embezzlement & fraud charges // How can anyone claim that the housing crisis is over when the delinquency rate on US mortgages continues to explode at an exponential rate? // Tobin tax, Wall St sales tax, Robin Hood tax - Britain & Europe demand banksters pay for depression they created // 12 key policy decisions that led to the financial cataclysm // UK taxpayer will pay tens of billions of Euros for Greek rescue // Video: Pink slips sent to 1,000's of California teachers // More evidence that banks create credit out of thin air // Blockbuster's latest SEC filing indicates that bankruptcy is a very real option for the company // 11 economic headlines that make you wonder what in the world is actually going on // The american dream has moved abroad // Soaring debt increases risk of social unrest worldwide // Deutsche bank, JPMorgan, UBS are charged with fraud // Video: New York state tax refunds put on hold (Mar. 16, 2010)

Flashback: Monsanto, Coca-Cola Among Top ‘Responsible Corporations’ (Mar. 16, 2010)

Flashback: Black-Cyber-Operations On The Rise (Mar. 16, 2010)

Flashback: Meet US Cybercom - Why The US Is Fielding A Cyber Army (Mar. 16, 2010)

+ #JamesMadison, #HennyYoungman, #JosefMengele, #JerryLewis, #ChuckWoolery, #ErikEstrada, #FlavorFlav, #ToddMcFarlane, #PattyGriffin, #TracyBonham, #AlanTudyk, #DannyBrown, #BrianWilson birthdays

#PumpUpThaVolume: J. Robbins (@JawboxOfficial) - "The World Is A Very Scary Place" (Gothic Archies Cover) (Audio)

#MorningMonarchy: March 16, 2020