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#MorningMonarchy: June 9, 2022

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#MorningMonarchy: June 9, 2022Surgeon complaints, 20/20 prevision and it's not gonna lick itself + this day in history w/Emperor Nero commits suicide and our song of the day by The Pholosopher on your #MorningMonarchy for June 9, 2022.


NHS reveals in FOI that Ambulance Call-Outs for Heart Illness have DOUBLED since Covid-19 Vaccination began among all age-groups

At least 12 dead in another weekend of mass shootings across America

GOP lawmaker calls it quits after being ‘annihilated’ for backing gun control; Rep. Chris Jacobs of New York announced he was ending his re-election bid, just days after saying he would support a ban on assault weapons.

Man Claiming He Prepared to Kill Brett Kavanaugh Was Angry Over Roe v. Wade

23 Pounds Of Cocaine Stashed In Wheelchair By Man Posing As "Handicapped" At Charlotte Airport

Trudeau government decriminalizes possession of hard drugs in B.C.

Three abortion activists strip to underwear in protest during Joel Osteen church service

Sandmann Lawyer Joins Kyle Rittenhouse Team, Says Mark Zuckerberg a ‘Top’ Target

Woman Tells Cops She Can't Get on the Ground Because She's Pregnant, Cops Put 5 Rounds In Her

Cabinet minister in Dominican Republic slain in his office

A pair of women were shot dead at the Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa in a targeted attack by a jilted ex-boyfriend

Tulsa Gunman Ranted to His Surgeon Then Bought a Rifle 3 Hours Before Hospital Massacre

"Catastrophic": Five Dead Including Shooter At Tulsa Medical Building

Video: Four shot and killed at Tulsa hospital (Audio)

Video: Queen Ignites Windsor Castle Jubilee Beacon

Pennsylvania did it again 🐵 CDC Confirms Case Of Monkeypox In Philadelphia, First In Pennsylvania

Reminder: Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation Only Last Year

The Federal Government’s Own Study Concluded Its Ban on 'Assault Weapons' Didn't Reduce Gun Violence; Other studies, including two published in 2020, reached similar conclusions.

Scully and Mulder nailed it in 2016! A year before Dr. Fauci predicted the "pandemic" under Trump, 'The X-Files' foretold its use to cull the human race and crush America

Video: 👀🚨 X-Files, Season 10, Aired 2016 #TheTruthIsOutThere (4.5 min clip) (Audio)

White House to set date for Covid vaccination of babies; Children under the age of 5 will be eligible to receive Covid-19 vaccines within a matter of weeks, the White House says

Melatonin poisoning reports are up in kids, study says

'This is satanic': Shocking videos from 'Drag the Kids to Pride' event at Texas gay bar show children handing money to drag queen dancers

Image: Hybrid's album art - Inoculum Dream's 'It's Not Gonna Lick Itself'

'Donkey Kong defense' arises at Bill Cosby sex abuse trial

Elon Musk Says ‘No One in the Media Cares’ About Exposing Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Clients

Kevin Spacey must face sexual abuse accuser's lawsuit in New York

Norwegian Feminist Faces Three Years In Prison For Saying Biological Men Can't Be Lesbians

Gainesville attorney disbarred amid child sexual battery accusations

Cops Probe After Middle School Librarian Allegedly Says Students Are ‘Sex Workers’ To Justify Pro-Prostitution Book //

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Browns' Deshaun Watson Faces 24th Civil Lawsuit over Assault, Misconduct Allegations

Popular low carb diet author and blogger, Jimmy Moore, arrested on Pedophilia charges

Decorated Officer Admits to Running Horrifying Child Porn Ring in Which Infants Were Sexually Abused

Disney Channel actor Stoney Westmoreland is jailed for two years

Video: Stoney Westmoreland indicted by grand jury (Jan. 10, 2019) (Audio)

#ThisDayInHistory: 68 AD - Emperor Nero commits suicide. (Audio) //

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#MorningMonarchy: June 9, 2022